Tim Arnold

Track 2    'Human' - All instruments, producer

Track 5    'River of Love' - lead vocal, all instruments, producer-with Tristin Norwell

Track 7    'Lokutara' - vocal, programming, producer-with Tristin Norwell

Track 9    ' Pra Khun Luang Por' - all instruments, producer

Track 12 ' Muer Jai Mi Rak' - producer

Tim Arnold started writing songs at the age of 9, under the influence of a jazz singing mother and an
older brother's eclectic record collection.   He spent most of his childhood and early teens living in a camper van
with his mother while she toured Europe performing cabaret.   At the age of 15, he returned to England alone
to enroll at the Rudolf Steiner School where the rather unorthodox education that specialised in arts became an inspiring platform
that would help to harness his talents.   At 17, with his classmate Jack Reynolds, he formed his first band ' Jocasta' that went on
to become one of the many promising Britpop bands of the 90's.   Signing a worldwide deal with Sony ,
they released their debut album 'No Coincidence' in 1997.   The tracks 'Go' and 'Change Me' both became singles of the
week on BBC Radio 1 .   After working as a composer at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in 1999, he signed to Universal Music Publishing
and went on to record his debut solo album 'Lokutara' in Thailand, which was released in 2004.
Two years later in 2006, he released his second album 'En Route' , shortly followed by his third album 'Secrets of Soho' .  

Tim is based in Central London and is currently working on his seventh album,
as well as writing his first musical with Paul Sirett (the former literary manager of the Royal Shakespeare Company).