Rob Heath

Track 3   'Kwam Samkan Muer Man Sai' - engineer

Track 4   'I Almost Lost My Heart' - guitars, bass, backing vocals, producer

Rob was born in New Zealand, but grew up in Singapore. He played guitar from an early age,
then moved to London where he studied sound-engineering at S.A.E.

Rob came to Thamkrabok in 2005, first accompanying the monks on their annual tudong
(when the monks spend a month walking, camping and meditating in the forest) before becoming one himself for 6 months.
During this time he gave invaluable help in the studio with recording and mixing the Sak Chai Ensemble,
worked with Laisen composition, and also formed a fruitful writing partnership with
Phra Alistair Hurrell setting lyrics by Luang Por in translation to western music.

Rob now lives in Australia.