Pra Alastair Hurrel

Track 1   ' Overture' - assistant engineer

Track 3   ' Kwam Samkan Muer Man Sai' - assistant engineer

Track 4   ' I Almost Lost My Heart' - lead vocal, percussion, co-producer

Track 14 ' Finale' - assistant engineer

Alastair Hurrel started his career in music as a choirboy in Taunton in the South West of England.
He learned the drums for a while, but became more interested in DJing which led him to start producing
his own dance-music and electronica in a wide and varied range of styles
"From the deepest lush ambience to ear-bending mashup electro" as described by Alternative Blueprint ,
the label which is soon to be releasing a collection of his tunes (see links).

Ali became a monk in 2004, and soon began working with the studio project, experimenting with applying the Laisen
method to his form of music making, and assisting on sessions. In the song "I Almost Lost My Heart"
he explores another (surprising!) side of himself, providing a sweet-sounding vocal on a lively indie-pop/rock setting to Luang Por's words.

Alastair tragically died in 2006, shortly after leaving the monkhood to return to lay-life.