Peter Radcliff

Track 1   ' Overture' - producer

Track 3   'Kwam Samkan Muer Man Sai' - producer

Track 4   ' I Almost Lost My Heart' - drums, percussion

Track 6   ' Not Like Me' - vocal, all instruments, producer

Track 7   ' Lokutara' - chanting

Track 8   'Tat Cham' - all instruments, producer

Track 10 ' Siritong' - all instruments, producer

Track 11 ' Work to be Done' - all instruments, producer

Track 14 ' Finale' - producer


Peter Radcliff was born in London in 1970 and began learning drums, piano and tuned percussion at the age of 7.  
He briefly flirted with becoming a classical percussionist until the allure of Rock'n'Roll tempted him into to becoming a kit-drummer.

After playing a lot of jazz with artists such as Don Weller, Rico Rodriguez, and Harry Beckett,
by the mid-nineties, he began specialising in the increasing grey-area between jazz, hip-hop, and dance-music,
releasing (as Counter Revolution , with Andy Waterworth, on Botchit & Scarper ) one of the first drum & bass records to use live,
unlooped drumming.   He also recorded for a number of artists in this nebulous genre including Rennie Pilgrem, Chris Bowden ,
Kaidi Tatham
, Simon Richmond( Palmskin Productions ), and Srikanth Sriram ( Nitin Sawney ).

As the millennium loomed, however, Rock'n'Roll finally claimed him,
and he threw his lot in with beats-meets-grunge rockers Dust .

In 2002 he become a Buddhist monk at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand.

After a year of (blissfully) music-free monkery, the Thamkrabok Studio project with Tim Arnold began,
and Peter was drafted in to assist, liase and translate between Tim and the Thai monks and nuns;
but it became clear that resistance was futile, and he was soon recording music more-or-less full time.

He returned to secular life in 2004 and continues to manage the studio at Thamkrabok, devoting himself to Luang Por's music,
learning more about recording technique, and studying Thai instruments. Most recently, he engineered and co-produced
a forthcoming album from the undisputed king of Jugoslavian Gypsy singers, Mr. Saban Bajramovic in London.  
In 2007, with Tim Arnold, he produced the first volume of Thamkrabok Music.