Hmong Community

Track 9   ' Pra Khun Luang Por' - vocals

The Hmong are a refugee ethnic minority "hill tribe" who have been stateless since their expulsion from Laos in the 1970s
as a result of involvement in the Vietnam war. Luang Por Chamroon, the second abbot offered a group of 8000 of them
land close to Thamkrabok to build a community, supposedly temporarily, but they remained there until 2006,
when the United States finally took responsibility and offered them relocation and citizenship in America.
After Chamroon's death in 1999, Luang Por Charoen took over the duty of care, continuing to provide
free medical treatment and schooling, as well as detox-facilities to combat the plague of
drug-addiction which had come to blight this desperate community, without citizenship or rights.

Their song 'Phra Khun Luang Por' is a song of thanks to Luang Por which they asked permission
to record at Thamkrabok Studios, with musical assistance from Ajahn Tong, and produced by Tim Arnold.